In this Economic and Market Update, we provide our views on the current state of the economy and investment markets. For example, we cover that high consumer confidence is a key driver for the economy continuing to chug along. Today, unemployment reaches low levels not seen in decades. As the labor participation ratios improve, more people are finding more permanent, full-time employment.

Interest Rates

Additionally, the economic and market update considers the impact of rising interest rates. For example, higher mortgage interest rates are at the root of slower sales of existing homes. The cost of financing major purchases increase, which increased the impact on consumers. Also, business loans become expensive. 

Interest rates continue at relatively low levels, which is a curiosity many people have. With low unemployment and a good economy, our experience has been that rates would be much higher than the current levels. We believe the changing demographics of the country and world drive economic shifts that affect us. In the video, we offer our views on the topic.

Equity Markets

For your consideration, this economic and market update show that the equity markets present many opportunity sets. For example, investors consider US equity markets as richly priced. Yet, currently, undervalued opportunities for investment exist. Data bifurcating the differences styles and geography expose the likelihood that parts of the equity markets are ignored. While indexes have reached all-time highs, few stocks are actually at their highs. Many equity securities are 5-10-20% of their respective high market price.

High value investing opportunities should not exclude the ‘black sheep’ of the equity family. The ‘black sheep’, in this case, is the International and Emerging Market securities. This is due to their dull performance relative to the US. Underperformance is never fun.  At the same time, unique opportunities are not found where the masses are looking. In the economic and market update, we explore that data on valuations and the impact of currency on returns. In this video, we investigate opportunities presented by geographic differences.


For a long-term successful financial strategy, many recognize that broad-based diversification provides the foundation. For many investors, the allocation process is informed by analyzing asset valuations. This video shows how intelligent selections provide use valuations as a guidepost. In many cases, preserving wealth is a more important consideration.

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