Micki Larson

Insights on the office, operations and change over the years

Micki Larson, Director of Operations is celebrating 10 years with White Oaks!  To commemorate the occasion Sharon Bloodworth posed some questions to Micki to get to know her better.

  • Micki, how has White Oaks changed in your eyes over the last 10 years?
    • “White Oaks has always delivered a high level of client service, but what has set us aside from other firms over the years is that we have gone beyond the status quo of delivering only ‘high level’ service and instead coupled that with delivering a ‘proactive’ approach to serving our clients.  As a result our partnership with clients has deepened and strengthened over the last 10 years. Some other prominent factors in the continued evolution of White Oaks have been increased staff expertise and retention, implementation of internal processes and systems, as well as expanding in services and investment options.”
  • While White Oaks has evolved, how have you changed over the last 10 years?
    • “I came to White Oaks with strong skills in coordination, execution and creativity.  Over the years I have discovered my analytical abilities which have aligned well with my creative nature.  Understanding the value of these two skillsets combined has allowed me to grow in overall confidence and leadership of the operations at White Oaks. I have a keen interest and hunger for continued education and learning. This has helped me expand in areas such as system implementation and overall process improvement.”
  • Operations is serious business but there must be a bit of fun sprinkled in. What is one “fun fact” about operations here at White Oaks that people would be interested to know?
    • “In order to use a signature stamp there are three locks that have to be opened. They are all in various locations within the office. I guess you could say it’s similar to working your way around an escape room. Client information security is a top priority at White Oaks.”
  • What expectations do you have for operations moving forward?
    • “If there is one thing for certain, standardizing processes is not the way to go when serving each client’s unique and individual needs. While we do have set procedures and systems in place, I expect to stay on top of continuous process, system improvements and vendor relations that will enhance client customization and proactive planning methods. As I make my move to Florida, I expect to help in the expansion and growth of the Florida office.”
  •  While you will be missed in Minneapolis, you will certainly be an asset to our Florida office. It is certainly a new chapter. What is a memory you can share from this last chapter as a favorite in regards to work?
    • “In my third year at White Oaks, Bob and Sharon came to my Dale Carnegie Speech course to watch me give my final speech.  Their support then and their continued support over the years is especially valued and appreciated.”
  •  Finally, Micki, when you get to Florida and you aren’t hard at work, what can we find you doing?
    • “My idea of relaxation involves four things: a warm outdoor setting, a hammock, a non-fiction book and a glass of champagne!”

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