Searching for an Intern

What does White Oaks Wealth Advisors look for when searching for an intern? Laura Nickolay gives us a short snippet in this video she recorded while at Texas Tech University. White Oaks is on the lookout for people who desire to be a collaborative financial planner. The ideal candidate will be a prospective financial planner who listens to clients and understands their needs.

Why Texas Tech?

For the last three years White Oaks Wealth Advisors has gone to Texas Tech to recruit potential summer interns. Texas Tech has a strong reputation for their financial planning programs. They have a variety of programs and cater to a range of students, from undergraduate to Ph.D. students. The students recruited out of Texas Tech have been wonderful the last few years. The hope is that the intern for 2019 continues with that tradition.

Qualities of an Intern

In addition to the academic attributes that prospective interns should undoubtedly display, however, White Oaks is seeking something special. We believe that in order to truly be a good financial planner, now or in the future, people need to be good listeners. We believe that unless our clients are heard and understood, their financial goals cannot be reached. Once clients are listened to, and only then, can a collaborative financial planner work with the client to create a plan. This collaborative effort sets White Oaks apart from other firms. As a fee-only advisor we work as a fiduciary – in the best interest of the client at all times. That means when White Oaks Wealth Advisors collaborates with clients we are working toward client goals and client goals only – no sales quotas or special bonuses. Interns, therefore, must display a desire to work with clients and the team in a symbiotic fashion, with everyone working together on the express goal of achieving the clients’ objectives.

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