3rd Quarter 2019

In our most recent economic update Sharon Bloodworth, CEO, CFP®, delves into a number of topics facing our economy today. Through the video she discusses a broad market overview and general economic indicators. She then drills down into what housing is doing, both stateside and worldwide and what that means for the economy. She discusses what the federal funds rates are; where they have been historically and where they are expected to go. She touches on the importance of the federal funds rate and what this could mean as an economic indicator.

Sharon notes what the current federal debt load is and what the economic repercussions of such a debt load is. She also contrasts the US debt to GDP against other countries’ economies debt-to-GDP. Sharon delves into the current state of the dollar and what the currency prices we are seeing today means. She speaks on tariffs and their economic effect.

Of course, she does take some time to go through some of the leading indices that economists often watch to gauge the state of the economy. Also, she takes a look at the S and P valuations and where they have been historically. We hope you will find the economic update for this quarter illuminating.

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