summer interns

The White Oaks team is excited to welcome Justin, Mari Kate and Mo (from left to right) as they begin their summer internship with us.  Here is a brief introduction to each of our summer interns.


Mo Aghelnejad has always known he wanted to major in finance. He enjoys numbers and the analytical side of the investment world. Mo is most interested in the investment and portfolio management side of the business. As such, Mo will be working in the Florida office for the summer. While there, he hopes to learn about White Oaks’ investment philosophy and offerings.

Mo attends the University of British Columbia. He was born and raised in Vancouver and lived in Hong Kong for a year. Mo’s passion is basketball, but since he will not be an NBA player in the foreseeable future, his next dream job would be a portfolio manager. He is currently cheering for the Toronto Raptors during the playoffs.

Mo loves corgis. He has a life size pillow of a corgi which he said was “one of the best gifts I ever received.” Naturally, Sharon loves that she found a kindred corgi spirit! We are excited to see what Mo will do as a summer intern over the next few months.

Mari Kate

Mari Kate Northcut came to White Oaks through the internship recruitment at Texas Tech. With one of the premier financial planning degrees in the nation, Texas Tech often turns out great summer interns. Mari Kate will be working in the Minneapolis office for the summer. She began her collegiate life in the College of Human Sciences. To get a degree out of that college, students need three concentrations. One of these concentrations was personal financial planning. Mari Kate states that after a week, she knew she loved it! She changed her major right after that. She found that the personal financial planning professors loved what they did. Subsequently, Mari Kate inferred she, too, would love helping people achieve their long-term goals.

Mari Kate considers herself to be very organized and analytical. Her goal is to find a job out of college that allows her work/life balance. Specifically, she has an altruistic bent and wants to give back.

Mari Kate is a group fitness instructor at the campus rec center. You can usually find her at the library or the rec center when she’s not at class. She particularly likes spin class. Indeed, by the time her first day of internship rolled around, she had already found the closest spin class to the office! Mari Kate grew up in Texas with two brothers and a sister. An interesting fact is that both Mari Kate and her sister were adopted when they were babies. Also, Mari Kate is obsessed with Star Wars and Marvel superheroes. We are certain she will be our own Captain Marvel!


Justin Roach also comes to White Oaks through the Texas Tech summer intern program. He will be joining Mari Kate in the Minneapolis office. Justin was originally a pre-nursing major, but decided that he could not see himself nursing for 40 years. His compassion and desire to help people, though, collided with his interest in working in finance when his then-girlfriend, Samantha, suggested the financial planning major. He leapt in and has enjoyed it ever since.

Justin has two six-month old Maine Coon cats named Blue and Denver. He loves the city of Denver, so that was an easy choice for a name. When asked what Justin wants to be in the future, he replies without hesitation, “a good father.” Clearly, his priorities are outward-focused, and his helpful nature will be a benefit to him.

Justin’s internship is a big deal this summer, but certainly not the biggest. The last day of his internship, August 16, he leaves the office and heads home to marry Samantha! They will be tying the knot on August 18. They were engaged at Disney World in front of the castle. We are sure that will top off a summer of learning and fun for Justin.

White Oaks Wealth Advisors and White Oaks Investment Management are excited to offer these students a chance to expand their knowledge in the financial planning space.

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