White Oaks Wealth Advisors caters to ultra high net worth family office clients as well as high net worth individuals seeking investment management and financial planning services. Fees for our services are determined carefully so that they are tailored to our client’s specific needs and are competitive in the marketplace.

Our firm’s design recognizes that clients should be able to pick and choose the services they want. We offer a la carte pricing on all services with discounts offered for using multiple services.

For non-investment services we offer hourly, project fee or retainer relationships depending on the client’s needs and preferences. Family office services are usually offered on an annual retainer basis.

All fees are disclosed in advance.

Financial Planning Project with Ongoing Investment Management
$12,500 minimum first year and $10,000 minimum subsequent years
$5,000 initial fee for first 3 months and $2,500 per subsequent quarter billed in arrears. Fees are proportionally reduced by assets under management.
At $1,000,000 under White Oaks Management for the Mindful Traditionalist and Mindful Progressive modes or $2,000,000 in the Strategic Minimalist Mode ongoing planning fees are zero.
Financial Planning Project Only
Subject to a $5,000 minimum
(estimate based on personal circumstances quoted in advance)
Project fee or hourly
$350/hr Partner
$150/hr Junior Advisor
Wealth Management Retainer for Services not including Investment Management including maintenance of financial plan and wealth strategyFees quoted on an individual basis, subject to a $10,000 minimum
Family Office ServicesRetainers quoted in advance subject to $25,000 annual minimum
Investment Management Fees
Strategic Minimalist™
Use of index and ETF’s
.50% on 1st $5,000,000
.40% on next $5,000,000.
Negotiable above $10,000,000
Mindful Traditionalist™
Use of Mutual Funds, ETF’s, Index Funds and Separate Accounts
1% on first $5,000,000
.90% on next $5,000,000
Negotiable above $10,000,000
Mindful Progressive™ Pooled Funds
See Offering Memorandum. Only Available for Accredited Investors.
White Oaks Aggressive Strategy, White Oaks Alternative Strategy, White Oaks Moderate Strategy and White Oaks Low Volatility – The White Oaks Fee is .90%.
The White Oaks Flexible Strategy is .75% and 10% incentive fee.
See memorandums for details.