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When we designed our firm, we did it with two things in mind: we wanted a model in which clients come first, and we wanted to be fiercely independent.

Investment Management

What does “a model in which clients come first” mean?

We give clients access to investment strategies of the ultra-wealthy. Imagine buying a computer and being told that you can only choose from five of the ten options being offered. Even though the other options are the same price as the ones you are looking at, you are told they are reserved for the ultra-wealthy. In the investment world, you can end up in a similar situation. A person paying for retail investment services does not get to access the diverse menu of investment options that are out there. White Oaks’ expertise is designed for individuals with more than $2,000,000 in investable assets (not including your home), and through our investment process, we give you access to the same investment diversification that a $100,000,000 client would have.

What does fiercely independent mean?

We are not limited to the internal list of models and products that constrain brokerage firms. We can, and do, work with the entire investing universe. It also means that you are in direct contact with the actual decision makers. We can explain our philosophy, process and investment performance because we designed it.

Our philosophy:

The White Oaks philosophy is based on decades of investment management experience. It follows the evidence of academic findings and has a belief that a well-diversified strategy will likely provide the best outcome. Here is what we believe:

  • Using The Fama and French Nobel prize winning passive index strategy approach for global equity is the smartest option.
  • Volatility is the worst enemy for investors who use their portfolio.
  • Active diversification among asset classes based on relative valuation increases the probability of success.
  • Leading with tax avoidance causes more bad investment decisions than any other cause.
  • Emotions can easily overrule logic when it comes to investing.
  • Reducing the layers of investment costs will improve investment results.
  • Alternative investments should be considered and deployed when appropriate.
Investment Management

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