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It’s hard to imagine financial dreams being realized without a solid investment portfolio in the picture. It would be like owning a car without an engine! White Oaks Investment Management, Inc. is your Personal Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and marshals an investment management process, for your benefit,  that focuses on developing portfolio strategies with the highest probability of success in mind.

The White Oaks philosophy is based on decades of investment management experience, follows the evidence of academic findings and has a belief that a well-diversified strategy will likely provide the best outcome. Our firm investment management portfolio minimum is $2,000,000, and can be waived at White Oaks Wealth Advisors discretion.

We believe the following to be true:

  • Volatility is the worst enemy for investors who use their portfolio.
  • Active diversification among asset classes based on relative valuation increases the probability of success.
  • Holistic planning along the entire wealth-planning spectrum increases the financial well being of our clients exponentially.
  • That tax avoidance causes more bad investment decisions than any other cause.
  • For most individuals, their emotions overrule logic when it comes to investing.
  • Most people have unrealistic ideas of how much it will take to be financially independent.
  • Reducing the layers of investment costs will improve investment results.
  • Planning should serve the values and purposes of the client, not the tax code.
  • Money is a much better tool than a weapon.
  • Managing money without planning and discipline is equivalent to playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun.
  • “Boxes” are for other people. We don’t have to “get outside of the box,” because we have disposed of it altogether. Alternative investments should be and are considered when appropriate.
  • Valuations and size matter

White Oaks serves clients globally from our offices in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN metro area and the Sarasota, FL metro area.

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