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Financial planning appears to be the uninteresting cousin of the flashy investment star. However, investing without planning is like driving a car with your eyes closed. We believe both are equally important.

Fee-Only Financial Planning
With your eyes open, you can move the car in the direction you want to travel. You turn the wheel to swerve out of danger. Loading up with investments in your engine without a plan is reckless. Why? To design your portfolio, we have to understand what your needs are. We need to understand your goals, your need for income, your tolerance for risk and your past behavior in tough markets. We need to understand your specific tax situation, your family relationships and your legacy desires. Your needs are never static – they change constantly.

Receiving financial advice from a fee-only planner is essential

Why? One example (and there are so many more in all areas of your financial life):

Imagine you need life insurance to cover your family’s retirement plan or to pay for future estate taxes. The insurance industry pays massive commissions. This means the conflict of interest, in which type of policy is being sold to you, is high. We are fee-only fiduciaries, which means we must put YOU first. We do not sell insurance. We do not receive referral fees. We merely advise what you need and then help you explore options to implement the need. We get to have robust discussions about what solution is best for YOU!

Why come to White Oaks for financial planning?

Our business model was designed to put our clients first. Most advisors say they do financial planning, but many financial advisors do a watered-down version of financial planning simply because it is not a profit center for them. We were one of the earliest adopters of the fee-only model.

The White Oaks fee-only financial planning process is continuous and a core part of our client relationships. Our planning team is experienced and has the CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™), the strongest in the field. We are members of NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors), a fee-only fiduciary professional association with the most rigorous continuing education requirements in the industry.

Our planning is both defensive and proactive. In the defensive bucket, we ensure your assets and your family’s goals are protected using insurance and proper estate planning. Looking ahead, we are designing savings strategies, optimizing equity compensation, crafting wealth transfer plans, reviewing tax opportunities, addressing income needs, and helping achieve charitable and legacy desires. The list goes on, and in fact, it never ends. It is a continuous circle of making sure that you are optimizing each area of your financial life. This is why it certainly is not the “uninteresting cousin.”

Fee-Only Financial Planning

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