Stuck Inside

Things to do while stuck inside.  

One thing I have learned about myself in this corona virus crisis is that I am a social animal.  Working from home, while nice for my pets, has been isolating.  Some people hate noise, I hate silence.   I have been inspired to find activities that stimulate the senses and take your mind out of the four walls we have around us. Below are a few of the ones I have found.  I would love for all to send in their favorite ways to make the most of our quarantine.

The Frick Collection, one of my favorite museums in NYC, on Friday’s host a “Cocktails with a curator”.  They discuss one of their paintings live.  You bring your own cocktail 

I love Disney.  In fact, the castle is my zoom virtual background.  You can ride some of their rides virtually on youtube:  Disney gave their recipe so you can make your own Disney Dole whips:

I’ve been watching live music events on Friday evenings on Facebook.  One of my favorite is a local singer Erin Schwab.  She takes requests and you can tip the musicians on Venmo or paypal.   The Andrea Bocelli live event was last weekend but a reply of his incredible concert from the empty Duomo in Milan was an amazing sight:  Minnesota Orchestra players have been uploading mini videos of them playing at home:

I love to travel the world.  I even sent Delta an online message that I miss them. I know we will be able to get back to seeing the world soon.  But before then, I spend time watching travel videos from Rick Steve’s Europe  and the BBC travel show:

I am not a sports watcher but I know those that are, are miserable without live sports. I have no suggestions for you here, but hopefully you will send some in!

I have also taken this time to reconnect with old friends.  Every weekend I have been setting up mini web conferences with old high school friends to take the time to reconnect.  Those give me something to look forward to as I have not spoken to some of them in 30 plus years.  Lots to catch up on to distract you!

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