My husband hates the commercialism of Valentine’s Day.  So a few years ago I told him, just write me a poem.  He has an amazing use of the English language so I was hoping for something akin to a Shakespearean sonnet. (I am a born optimist).  Valentine’s Day arrived and I got a limerick, yes a limerick, and a rude one at that.  We are back to gifts and flowers!

Looking for the most exotic gifts this Valentine’s? I wanted to take a fun look at all the ways you can spoil yourself or your Valentine this February. While as fiduciary advisors we definitely wouldn’t advise these purchases, it is always fun to window shop! Here are some of the “classic” Valentine Day gifts, but with a much bigger price tag.


Sure, you could go out and buy a dozen red long-stemmed roses. Roses have been a classic on Valentine’s Day for years. But how about a Juliet Rose? While they can be purchased these days for much less, back in 2006 one Juliet Rose sold for €10 million after breeder David Austin spent 15 years and €3 million on its development.

Juliet Roses


Jewels. A classic Valentine’s favorite! Many couples have gotten engaged on the day of love and many more gentlemen visit shops which sell gold and diamond jewelry to surprise their ladies. What about a $100 million diamond brooch? That’s what it will take to get your hands on the Graff Peacock Brooch. Unveiled in 2013 this stunner features a center stone of blue diamond surrounded by diamonds of various colors and shapes. It is the most expensive jewelry in the world with the exception of the Hope Diamond. Since the Hope is housed at the Smithsonian and therefore likely not for sale anytime soon, your love will have to make do with this.

Graff Peacock Brooch

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Perhaps in all your practicality you prefer jewelry that serves a function? Have no fear! There are watches out there to give your special someone, too. The most expensive unisex watch isn’t worn on the wrist at all. It is a pocket watch commissioned for Marie-Antionette by Breguet. Sadly, she was not able to use the watch as the guillotine was quicker than her watchmaker. This beautiful piece, however, is worth $25 million and found at the Mayer Museum in LA.


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Okay, there are certain trips (such as Antarctica) that cost a bit more. But for your Valentine, may we suggest the city of love? For the Paris lovers out there, the Hotel Georges V houses a penthouse that is second to none. Enjoy leisurely strolls along the Champs de Elysees and return to an iconic view for the low price of $26,500 per night.


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A cozy night in isn’t complete without a pizza. No need to get dressed up and brave the crowds, for $10,338 Renato Viola, one of the most famous pizza chefs in Italy, will come to your home and create a pizza feast fit for a king. Did I mention it is called the Louis XIII Pizza? Some of the fancy toppoings include lobster, caviar and mozzarella di bufala (he is Italian, after all).

The meal is served with Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII as well as Champagne Krug Clos du Mensil 1995. This is certainly an upgrade from university days with a pepperoni pizza and a beer!

Pizza Making

Well it is fun to look at these lavish expenditures, may we suggest, perhaps a small box of chocolates or a modest dinner out? After all, the true test of love isn’t how much you lavish your love, it is how much you cherish each other. Sharon is still waiting for her sonnet.  Enjoy the holiday!

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