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5 Ways a Family Office Protects Your Most Valuable Asset: Time

Wealth families have a unique set of needs that require special attention and expertise. A private family office can take the headache out of your family’s asset management needs, freeing you to purse your personal interests and goals.

Managing day-to-day complexities that come with wealth can take up a lot of your time. Moreover, challenges like conflicting investment needs, market volatility, and the increasing threat of identity theft offer plenty of room for missteps. Together, these challenges can steal the opportunities that wealth was supposed to provide. Here are the top 5 ways to recapture your time and freedom with a family office:

Manage Bills

1. Managing Bills & Mail

From paying the numerous bills that come with a high net-worth to managing mail and complex financial documents, a family office removes the stress of day-to-day operations. More than simply mail handlers, the dedicated financial experts in a family office ensure your unique needs are being met.

Does managing day-to-day chores take up all your free time?

2. Organizing Financial Documents

It’s easy to get lost in detailed and complex financial documentation. That’s part of the reason why it takes advanced degrees and certifications to be a financial manager. The professionals in a private family office have the expertise to keep your documents under control, prioritized, and out of your way.

Are you giving your financial documents the attention they need?

Organize Documents
Pay Negotiation

3. Working with Your Other Advisors

You already have a CPA to handle your taxes and an attorney to manage your legal needs. A family office will coordinate with those existing trusted advisors to ensure their advice is working together to meet your long-term goals.

Are your advisors working on the same unified strategy?

4. Providing Concierge Services

Wealth should have its privileges — from a concierge to arrange your travel needs to coordinating truly unique experiences. A private family office provides both the day-to-day amenities and help with those that are more bespoke — all designed to free you to pursue your personal interests.

How would your life improve with a concierge at your fingertips?

Asset Protection
Monitor Accounts

5. Monitoring Your Accounts

As a wealth individual, you are more likely to be targeted by scammers and people who are more interested in your money than your wellbeing. By proactively monitoring your accounts for any sign of nefarious activity, a family office vigorously works to ensure you are not taken advantage of.

Would you notice if there was money missing from your accounts?

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