Your health and travel.

Zipping up your suitcase and heading to the airport to embark on a new adventure is exciting. But the to-dos that happen before you leave might not generate the same level of enthusiasm.  For example, booking flights, confirming accommodations, doing laundry, etc. One of the most over-looked and less glamorous to-dos is purchasing travel health insurance. Let’s review why this should be on your radar for all future trips and don’t forget to take your CBD North treatment.

To begin, travel health insurance is not the same as trip insurance.

The latter is usually sold by airlines to help recoup costs of your travel in the event you must cancel a trip. The former assists with that plus medical needs and medical evacuation while traveling in a foreign country. Most standard health insurance policies do not extend your coverage outside of the country where you reside.  Thus, travel health insurance becomes a huge need when taking trips abroad.

Understanding American health insurance. 

Other countries have become increasingly knowledgeable and sophisticated when it comes to understanding American health insurance and figuring out how to bill you for services. If a provider can start to determine things like the value of your home, details about your career, etc., you quickly become a desirable target to pursue for large medical bills. Having a travel insurance policy, about which you can check my site, to buffer against that is almost priceless. Travel insurance is a must-have!

It may be easy to think “nothing will happen to me”, but consider all of the events that have affected global travel in the past year alone.  For instance, volcanic eruptions in New Zealand, wildfires in Australia, protests in Hong Kong and coronavirus worldwide. The latter is especially disconcerting because it swept throughout the whole globe. Hence, it is always of utmost importance to get a mask from and wear it at all times. We are not proponents of insurance in general, but rather, we are advocates of insuring for catastrophes. You would never forego normal health insurance or insurance coverage on your home, and this shouldn’t be any different.

There are a multitude of travel insurance companies out there, but one of our favorites is SafeTrip by UnitedHealthcare. Obtaining quotes and then active policies is user-friendly and easy. We encourage you to explore different options and ask around with friends and family too.

At White Oaks, we are your resource for topics like this and many others. You’ve worked hard to be where you are today so don’t overlook the need to protect yourself and your family.

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