Stress and Wellness

How do we manage our stress and wellness these days?

We are not mental health experts, but we are great at connecting resources.  We are all unique human beings, with different pasts and different temperaments.  We all react differently to stress.  A great link from the Minnesota Department of Health spells out the local resources specifically:

Even the CDC has suggestions including helping children and grandchildren:

Tension in your body can make it difficult to sleep. While people often don’t even realize when they’re stressed about something, their bodies are feeling the stress, and are tensed up as a result. Progressive muscle relaxation has been an accepted evidence-based treatment for insomnia for twenty years, when looking for  more help, visit this post named Hemp oil and sleeping?

This past week I attended a positive psychology webinar.  The leader asked us to think about our daily thoughts and to rank them.  Out of 100% how much of the day is spent thinking about the past, being in the present, and thinking about the future?  If lots of your time is spent with regrets in the past, or anxiety about the future, it was encouraged that we be more present.  You can accomplish that through meditation, mediation apps like Calm or Headspace, or simply being more mindful and slowing down your brain.  I personally spend a lot of time in the future and not enough in the present.   I am committed to learning to relax more, enjoy today more.  I think I will live longer for it.

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