There are two great posts this week that come from totally opposite directions but come to similar conclusions. In Robert Frank’s (author of Richistan) “The Wealth Report” post titled “The Wealth Fatigue Syndrome” the notion of new, better and bigger possession acquisition treadmill can grow weary. Old wants are replaced with new problems albeit a higher class of problem.

Nora Dunn’s very thoughtful piece on “WiseBread” titled “The Truth About Wealth” comes at the issue from a different angle. The question of what the goal really is is broached. Are goals important? What is really important? What’s this money stuff for anyway?

My take is that both are broadening the issue to consider the multiple dimensions of wealth. Having adequate finances can help accentuate the “time” we have available and the “flexibility” to maximize and expand the “experiences” of “family” and “friends”. Allowing for “opportunities” to do the things that will “create and enhance memories”, “enhance relationships” and “create an enduring sense of security and safety”. Without these there can be no true sense of real wealth. The pure accumulation of money and possessions might very well end up being very hollow in the end. The lack of funds does make it difficult to take the time or fund the opportunity for experiences. The hard part of the questions is how to balance it all which is a very personal perspective for each person. Careful consideration of your personal life goals from a non-monetary and monetary perspective in a comprehensive wealth strategy will optimize the ultimate satisfaction and achievement of “real” wealth.

Real wealth achievement is an individual quest that when focuses on personal values will be a continuous journey with a lifetime of “wealth events”. Best wishes on your journey!

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