Journey of Widowhood: Grief, Trust and Healing

Widowhood is a hard and stressful experience for anyone, whatever age you may be. We are dependent on each other in so many ways, and this type of loss is very significant to us.

Because I have no immediate family here in United States, besides my husband and daughter, thoughts related to this topic come to me very often:

  • Who would I go to for help and guidance?
  • Who can I trust and feel safe with?
  • Who is going to be patient and compassionate during my time of grief?
  • Who is going help make me feel secure again?
Family is Important

These are frightening thoughts for everyone who loses a partner so I know I’m not the only one who thinks about these things. Fortunately, I feel blessed and have a great peace of mind knowing that my place of work is just not an office I go to. We are a family at White Oaks, and I know for sure that all of my frightened thoughts will be looked after well here.

Our experienced and well-equipped team has helped and guided a number of our clients and their children through widowhood and similar loss experiences. We’ve helped even more of our families prepare for a loss that hasn’t yet happened. Once you get to know the White Oaks’ family, you feel so comfortable. Even my 11-year-old daughter knows that if anything happens to mum and dad, she can trust and feel safe with any one of the White Oaks’ family members.

As Laura said in her recent blog post, could your children benefit from a relationship with your own advisor? Does your family need to go through the emergency planning process?

If you have the same feelings and thoughts as me, it is so nice to have a plan before you need it. Please reach out to us if you find yourself in a situation where you need help from a trusted resource.  We would love to share our advice and help you feel confident and secure again.

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