An increased dependence on digital technology heightens as more employees are allowed to work from home during the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Also, more people are shopping online and kids are finishing their school year online as well.   This heightened use of digital technology brings a higher risk of cyber attacks. It is important to view more tips on how to avoid the security breaches, which includes hiring professionals to keep a check on your sites.

Cybersecurity Tips to Remember

Use long, complex passwords.  This is your first line of defense.  It’s completely within your power to make it a good one.  Use a password manager such as LastPass or check out a top 10 list for other options.

Make sure your home wifi access is secure.  Again, a long, complex password is highly recommended.  Most, good-quality, wifi routers have a built-in firewall.  If you are not sure, research your router online or contact your service provider. With Google Cloud Platform security the data can be safe. They will give you instructions on how to activate the firewall feature, if not activated already.  Adding a VPN (virtual private network) will also provide increased measures of online security.  Check out a best VPNs list.

Be aware of email phishing.   It is important to stay vigilant when it comes to all incoming emails.  With increased online ordering and tons of offers regarding corona virus protections it is
important to pay attention to:

  1. Verify the sender email address to make sure the name was not spoofed.
  2. Do not click on any email links or open attachments, unless it is from a trusted and verified source. The trusted source usually does a good job of explaining what the link is and/or attachment.
  3. If an email is unexpected, conveys a sense of urgency and has little to no explanation; flag it as spam.

Make sure your system software and applications are up-to-date.  Your computer, and other digital devices, should be current with the latest software system and application updates.  In your system preferences, you can turn on automatic software update notices.

Cybersecurity is not just for company’s and employees.  Everyone using digital technology should be using cybersecurity best practices and maintaining them.

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