October is Cyber Security month. Our Director of Operations, Micki Larson, has compiled a list of top tips to help ensure your cyber security.

Eight Great Cybersecurity Tips

  1. Public Wifi Access: Be selective when using public wifi.  While fine for looking up dining options, etc. it is not a secure option for logging into your financial accounts and/or performing banking transactions.
  2. Log Out Completely: So simple, yet so easy to forget to do this.  When you log into your personal accounts, make it a habit to log out before shutting your laptop or closing your mobile screen.
  3. Create Secure Passwords: Coming up with secure passwords, not to mention, passwords you can remember, is not always easy.  Many organizations are still requiring the use of symbols and special characters but, using a memorable passphrase of 17 letter characters or more is just as safe.  I have found a great password tool that will allow you to test out your password.
  4. Secure Internet Connection: Make sure your home wireless network connection is secured with a strong password.  With this being the very basic and simple step, there are many other steps you can take to protect your home wireless network.
  5. Automatic Updates On: Your computers and mobile devices should have the automatic updates feature turned on. This way you will receive the latest software updates which help eliminate viruses and malware.
  6. Passcode Protect Your Mobile Devices: If you happen to loose your cell phone, you can make it harder for someone to access your information.  There are also options to wipe your device remotely if lost.
  7. Online Shopping: If you are shopping online/making a purchase, be sure to note the website URL should start with “https” and not “http”.  The “s” confirms that the data is being conveyed through a legitimate, secured channel.

Phishing:  Put your best judgment to test and learn from these examples of phishing.  Can you spot which emails are attempts to hack your personal information?

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