Laura Nickolay spent two days at the Minnesota Society of CPAs conference (TAX18) on November 12 and 13th, 2018. Laura stays up to date with all things tax related, especially tax planning, for our clients and this year is especially interesting because, as Laura says, “tax reform has changed everything.”

During her time at the conference Laura spent time on day one learning about tax advocacy and tax updates. Of particular interest to her is the tax planning section of the conference. There were a number of changes that were enacted with the last tax reform. Day one also focused on what those changes are and how to best keep them top of mind. There were seminars on education planning and some on technology in tax.

On the second day of the conference there was a focus on top planning tips for taxes. This was especially valuable to our clients in regards to estate planning and how the new tax laws could potentially effect the estate planning process. Laura learned a bit more about what is and is not deductible under the new laws.

Laura enjoyed her two days learning about taxation and spending time with other like-minded professionals. She was able to see the keynote speaker, Cheryl Reeve, deliver a speech as well. The MN Society of CPAs conference is the biggest conference of CPAs in the nation and we are proud to have sent Laura to the conference to keep up to date with the many changes that are going on. If you have questions with regard to taxation we are fortunate to have this expert on staff. As always, do not hesitate to reach out with specific scenarios.

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