Welcome to the White Oaks Investment Management, Inc. third quarter 2017 Economic and Market Update. As is our practice, this video presents an overview of how our firm looks at the current economic and market conditions and offers our view on the investment markets. In this 35 minute video, we will explore the topics of economic growth, unemployment, the condition of consumer finances, corporate finances and the current level of the government debt.

White Oaks seeks to gather information from a variety of sources including The Federal Reserve Bank, Calculated Risk and major investment banks including JPMorgan and others. Our philosophy is to gather information from a variety of reputable sources and make our own decisions regarding client’s investment strategies.

White Oaks Third Quarter Economic Update and Investment Outlook from White Oaks on Vimeo.

As a member of our Investment Committee, Alex Duty CFA has been fundamental to our work as a team. The Small and Value Expected Returns video is definitely worth a look to “dig deeper” into understanding the valuation charts near the end of this video. Recently Alex also discussed our decision process in another video entitled “Asset Allocation: Valuation Decisions” His whitepaper “The Magic of Diversification”  will be helpful as well. Be on the lookout for more of Alex’s work going forward. His analytical approach is outstanding and helps intelligent portfolio construction greatly.

The world around us continues to change and the opportunities for asset allocation are changing as well. As our clients know we have adapted and continue to meet the asset allocation needs of our clients.  In this month’s newsletter, there will be a number of articles on the non-traditional, sometimes known as, alternative investing process. They include:

Another great article with some outstanding insights was posted by Laura Nicolay entitled “Index Funds: One Chapter in the Investing Book” Well worth a read! White Oaks will continue to be very transparent to our clients in the asset allocation decision-making process. We welcome your feedback and ideas!

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